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About Vantage Commercial Valeting

I’m Simon McCormick, founder of Vantage Valeting. I’ve spent over 20 years studying the art of commercial valeting with the intention of one day providing you with a professional valet service.

The team at Vantage Valeting are:

– Insured
– Experienced
– Professional
– Reliable
– Trustworthy

We provide commercial valeting services to the following areas in the North West:

– Staffordshire
– Manchester
– Cheshire
– Derbyshire
– Lancashire

We even provide a national and European service for motor shows & other promotional events.

Our services guarantee:

– The removal of unpleasant odours (e.g. pets, cigarette smoke, food)
– The use of grade-A products (waxes, polishes & cleaning materials such as Auto Glym Lifeshine, Supagard, Diamond Brite, Scotchgard and Silver Seal)
– A thorough, attentive service
– A beautiful end result

Your satisfaction drives us forward!

So, if you’re in the North West and you’d like to receive a professional commercial valeting service, fill out a form or call us on the number above for a quote.
Yours sincerely

Simon McCormick


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